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The Landlord Hall of Shame aims to expose the worst landlords in California. The Hall of Shame is brought to you by Tenants Together, California's statewide organization for renters' rights.

Here's how it works: Anyone can suggest nominees or comment on suggested nominees. Based on your input and our research, Tenants Together will announce Official Nominees throughout the year. Annually, members of Tenants Together will vote to determine which of the Official Nominees should be inducted into the Hall of Shame.

Featured Nominee

Dario Pini ( Santa Barbara )

Dario Pini, owner and manager of Dario Pini Investments is a major landlord in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties with an established history of violating tenants' rights. Since the early 1990s, Pini has been cited hundreds of times for building code violations that have compromised the health of his tenants, has been sued multiple times for tax evasion, and was the subject of a police investigation that discovered rampant overcrowding and uninhabitable living conditions in his housing complexes.

According to a report by the Santa Barbara Police Department, Pini 塗as no regard for the safety of people living in his rentals, he does not abide by building and fire codes, and he does not care about the impact his substandard properties have on neighborhoods. As a result of that police investigation, Pini was issued 750 building and fire code violations, given a 30 day jail sentence, and placed on a three-year probation.