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The Landlord Hall of Shame aims to expose the worst landlords in California. The Hall of Shame is brought to you by Tenants Together, California's statewide organization for renters' rights.

Here's how it works: Anyone can suggest nominees or comment on suggested nominees. Based on your input and our research, Tenants Together will announce Official Nominees throughout the year. Annually, members of Tenants Together will vote to determine which of the Official Nominees should be inducted into the Hall of Shame.

Featured Nominee

Reza Valiyee ( Berkeley )

Reza Valiyee is one of Berkeley's largest landlords. Presently, he owns 23 properties in the City of Berkeley- the majority of these are large, multi-unit apartment buildings and boarding houses rented to students. Valiyee, who has been cited numerous times for failing to meet housing code, has been a significant drain on the city's resources for many years. According to City Attorney Zachary Cowan, Valiyee has "a long history of stalling on city-mandated repair work." In 2002, the city placed two of Valiyee's properties, including a student boarding house, into receivership after they were declared a public nuisance because he had installed illegal bedrooms. Valiyee has even spent time in jail for failing to meet court cleanup orders.